An Introduction to Complexism

Interdisciplinary studies that would create deep connections between science and the arts and humanities face the daunting task of bridging two diametrically opposed world views. The clash of the modernist-enlightenment values of science with the postmodern-skeptical values of the humanities came to a dramatic height with the Sokal Hoax and so called “science wars” of the 1990’s. There is now an uneasy ceasefire, but the fundamental contradictions persist between the two cultures.
At the recent International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA 2015) a double panel was convened to discuss my theory called “complexism.” This talk served as an introduction to complexism to set the context for subsequent presentations.

Complexism is an attempt to create a new synthesis suggested by the attitudes and worldview that arises from the scientific study of complex systems. A point-by-point analysis is offered that reconciles the diametrically opposed positions of modernity in the sciences and postmodernity in the humanities despite their apparently incommensurate paradigms.

Galanter, P. (2015, August) An Introduction to Complexism, ISEA 2015, Vancouver, Canada