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Rex Miller
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2016 Schedule
8:45 DEAN'S WELCOME - Preston Geren Auditorium

Preston Geren Auditorium

Langford C105

Langford A 2nd Floor Technical Reference Center

Langford C207 Langford A400
  Innovative DesignInnovations in Organizational Culture Innovations in Human DevelopmentInnovations in Energy / Health Systems DesignInnovations in Pedagogy

Moderator: Weiling He

Moderator: George Rogers

Moderator: Elton Abbott

Moderator: Wei Li Moderator: Koichiro Aitoni
9:00am Jinsil Seo Hwanyoung - Using Wearable Technology in Dance Performance Ben Bigelow - The Electrical Construction Workforce in Texas  Livia Stonescu - In Focus: Art and Relics as Art History’s Novel Methodology Jeff Haberl - History of Peak Envelope Cooling Load Methods in the U.S. Edelmiro Escamilla - Effective Strategies to Meet your Match Requirement; Construction Management Academies Career Exploration Program
9:25am Phillip Galantar - Problems in Generative Art Theory Kirk Hamilton - Owner Organization for Successful Project Outcomes Anat Geva - Immigrants’ Sacred Architecture: The Rabi Meir Baal-Hanes Synagogue in Eilat, Israel Juan-Carlos Baltazar - Determination of the Influence of Outside Air Intake Fraction on Choosing Independent Variable for Cooling Regression Modeling on Hot and Humid Climates Ifte Chodury - Regular Semester vs. Minimester:  A Comparative Analysis of Student Performance
9:45am   Zofia Rybkowski / presented by Jose Solis - Trainathon Lean Simulation Game: Determining Perceptions of the Value of Training among Construction Stakeholders Nancy Klein - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Cleaning and Clearing of the Athenian Acropolis Charles Culp - HVAC Energy Flow In Buildings Teresa Qu - The Application of Digital Storytelling on Study Abroad Learning
10:05am BREAK:  Langford B & Langford A 2nd. Floor 

Moderator: Tim McLaughlin

Moderator: Chanam Lee

Moderator: Dawn Jourdan

Moderator: Leslie Feigenbaum Moderator: Walt Peacock
10:25am Alireza Borhani Haghighi - Material Active Geometry: Constituting Programmable Materials for Responsive Building Skins Eric Jing Du - A Cloud-Based Shareable Library of Cooperative Behaviors for Agent Based Modeling in Construction  Ahmed Ali - Paradoxical Territories Between Traditional and Digital Crafts in Japanese Joinery  Manish Dixit - An Input-Output-based Hybrid Recurrent Embodied Energy Calculation Model for Commercial Facilities   Sharon Chu - Making as the New Colored Pencil: Translating Elementary Curricula into Maker Activities 
10:45am Julian Kang - Creating a 3D Model of the Building Interior Using Photogrammetry Technology: Empirical Test with Two Methods of Taking Photos Jose Solis - Are Building Construction Delivery Systems Complicated or Complex? Gabriela Campagnol - From Volunteer Earthquake to Popular Soul: The Work of Lina Bo Bardi and Lelé in the Rehabilitation of Salvador’s Historical Center, Brazil  John Nichols - Development of the Air Flow and Biological Model for a Hospital for the Protection of Immune Compromised Patients  Negar Kalantar - Emerging D-Forms: A Journey from 2D Shapes to 3D Forms 
11:05am Dawana Schuld - Mind Matrix: Situating Cognition in the Sculptural Grid Boong Ryoo - Heuristic Approach to Find the Optimum Schedule Using Clips  Krista Steinke - Artist as Curator: “You are Here: Texas Photographers Respond to the Texas Landscape”  Rodney Hill - Health, Wellness and Longevity  Ergun Akleman - Construction with Physical Version of Quad-Edge Data Structures 
11:25am Morgan Jenks - Past and Future Work        
11:50am  LUNCH - Langford A Atrium
1:00pm KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Rex Miller "How Engaging Workspaces Lead to Transformation and Growth" - Preston Geren Auditorium

Preston Geren Auditorium

Langford C105

Langford A 2nd Floor Technical Reference Center

Langford C207 Langford A400
  Innovations in the Built and NaturalInnovations in MobilityInnovations in DiversityInnovations in Desicion-MakingInnovations in Livability

Moderator: Juan Carlos Baltazar

Moderator: Charlie Culp

Moderator: Jose Solis

 Moderator: Elton Abbott Moderator: Leslie Feigenbaum
2:25pm Harold Adams - U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Wei Li - Evaluating the Employment Impact of Rail Transit Investment Weiling He, Cecelia Guisti & John Nichols - Milky Way Walt Peacock - The Fact Basis for Pre- and Post-Disaster Recovery Planning George Rogers - Development Process and Neighborhood Turnover 
2:45pm Robert Brown - Urban Agricultural Hot Spots: Diversifying Locally-Produced Food Chanam Lee - Advancing Dissemination and Implementation Research on Walking and Walkability: Developing Research Priorities  Felice House - Female Heroes: A Survey of  Warrior Women in Painting and Sculpture  Yu Xiao - Understanding Community Post-Disaster Recovery: the Interdependence of Household and Business Recovery Decisions After Hurricane Sandy  Koichiro Aitani - Typical Urban Renewal Projects in Japan- Classification and Characteristic of Urban Renewal Projects Based on the Economies of Urban Scales
3:05pm Jeremy Merrill - Do You Eat Your Greens? Xuemei Zhu - Impacts of A Walkable Community on Residents' Physical and Social Health  Susanneh Bieber - Restaging Chemical Warfare in Art: Judy Chicago’s Atmosphere Pieces  Dawn Jourdan - Planning Together: An Action Research Approach for Local Adaptation Planning for Climate Change  Geoffrey Booth - The Promise of the Urban Planning Profession needs to be Realized: Policy Mandates and Regulation are Planning Instruments Rich in Unintended Consequences
3:25pm Zhipeng Lu & George Mann - Health for Human, Animal, Environment and Economy: Implement the One Health Concept in an Interdisciplinary Design Studio Jun Hyun Kim - Urban Natural Environments, Obesity, and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Hispanic Children Living in Inner-City Neighborhoods  Stephen Caffey - Kara Walker's A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby   Jamie Masterson - Citizen Science, High-Impact Learning and Natural Disasters
3:45pm WRIGHT GALLERY OPENING - Mark Schatz, Artist, Kent State - "True Believers" - Langford A 219
5:15pm BENJAMIN KNOX GALLERY RECEPTION - Presenters and Workers Invited - 495 University E. College Station