Dr. Carol Fierke, 2018 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Carol Fierke

2018 Keynote Speaker
Provost & Executive Vice President of Texas A&M University


Natural, Built, Virtual: "Interdisciplinarity"


Call for Abstracts

Natural, Built, Virtual, the Texas A&M College of Architecture’s 20th Annual Research Symposium, is scheduled for October 29, 2018. This year’s theme is “Interdisciplinarity.” Dr. Carol Fierke, Texas A&M Provost, will deliver a keynote address.

As usual, all faculty, including those new to the college, as well as doctoral students who have made invited presentations or participated in an exhibition during the previous academic year, are encouraged to present.


Individual Presentations

Repeating last year’s fast-paced format, presenters will have five minutes to highlight their work. Participants must submit a presentation abstract (300 words or less) on or before September 18, 2018. The abstracts will be featured in the Research Symposium’s online proceedings.

Accompanying PowerPoint presentations will be limited to one slide. All slides must be submitted to Sabra Helton at sabra@tamu.edu. Speakers who miss the submission deadline can present without supporting graphics.

Abstracts can be submitted here.

Symposium presentations will be taped and shared on the College’s website. Additionally, a print publication showcasing the presentations (with links to the online content) will be published and used throughout the year to showcase faculty and student research to constituent audiences around the world.


Group Presentations: Interdisciplinary Research

Many who engage in research and creative activities in the College of Architecture form interdisciplinary partnerships, reaching beyond their disciplines to explore complex issues. This year’s research symposium will highlight some of those activities. Faculty research groups are encouraged to collaborate on 20-minute presentation sessions. These sessions should include at least three faculty members who work together on a research project. Featured projects should be currently underway or completed.

Groups should include at least two faculty members from different departments in the College. Preference will be given to presentations including faculty from outside the College.

To be considered for one of these special presentations, teams must submit a 300-word abstract on or before September 18, 2018. Abstracts for these proposals should be emailed to Dr. Dawn Jourdan at dawnjourdan@tamu.edu. Teams will be notified of selection on September 21, 2018. Team leaders will work with the executive associate dean to ensure presentations have maximum impact.



PLEASE NOTE: All College of Architecture classes occurring between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on October 29th are cancelled on the day of the symposium. Please mark your syllabi accordingly and encourage your students to attend.